Final Debate Verdict

I actually quite enjoyed last night’s debate.  I think it was definitely the most exciting of the three, mostly due to the fact that McCain actually seemed awake.  Which led to an interesting contrast: McCain seemed alert, enthusiastic, and optimistic, while Obama seemed tired, bored, and Eeyore-ish.  For some reason, there is just something in Obama’s voice that makes me reticent to trust him.  I can’t quite distinguish what it is, but he seems to lack a sort of vocal authenticity that I find troubling and that was definitely more pronounced last night.  However, I must declare a winner of this debate.

The Winner:  Joe Plumber!

Joe the Plumber (real name Joe Wurzelbacher) received FIFTEEN mentions last night.  Not even President Bush got that many mentions (loved that retort by McCain by the way.)  I certainly wish Joe all the best of luck with buying his business.  He has now become an archetype from the hardworking, upwardly-mobile, average American, and all the power to him and all the Joe Plumbers out there.  They are the face of America.


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