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New Rule:  Nobody who has ever been involved with ACORN or their associates, whether working with them or receiving campaign contributions from them, should be allowed to investigate them.


The Fall of the House of Representatives

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The House of Representatives decided to wait a whole week to punish Rep. Joe Wilson for shouting “you lie” during Obama’s healthcare speech (when he actually lied.)  The hubris here is stunning.

“The resolution is not about the substance of an issue but about the conduct we expect of one another in the course of doing our business,” declared House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md.

This is the same man who, along with the Botoxasaurus, wrote an article entitled:

‘Un-American’ Attacks Can’t Derail Healthcare Debate

Really?  Calling opponents of HR 3200 “un-American” is a-okay, but legitimately calling out the President when he was lying is worthy of petty, vindictive legislation.

I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Barney Frank:

One of the Democrats voting “present,” Barney Frank of Massachusetts, said, “I think it’s bad precedent to put us in charge of deciding whether people act like jerks. I don’t have time to monitor everyone’s civility.”

Especially people who are in no place to monitor the civility of anyone.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi has shot down a vote on withdrawing funding from ACORN six times.

I remember an Under Armour commercial from not too long ago with the tagline “We Must Protect This House”.

What happens when the House isn’t worth protecting?

Liveblog: ACORN Expose Part IV: San Bernardino, CA

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Just about 20 minutes ago, a brand new video from O’Keefe/Giles.  And this one promises…


Illegal immigration!



(dun dun DUNNN)

Tune into Glenn Beck…the next 40 min will be about the video…and I will be liveblogging!

2:11-The employee, “Theresa”, thinks that prostitution should be legalized…BECAUSE SHE USED TO RUN AN ESCORT SERVICE

“Heidi Fleiss was my hero”

2:15-Beck: “how is that man just sitting there?  Are there any decent men anymore?”

2:20-Beck: “We must quarantine Washington DC…NO legislation must come out of it” until ACORN fully investigated

2:24-Back to the video…Theresa: “I talk to congressmen, senators, assemblypeople every day”…”McCloud”, “Torres”, “Carter…67th district”…”Joe Baca”…”Barbara Boxer”

2:26-Beck: ACORN “going from villain to victim”

2:26-Theresa: “I am not your typical ACORN employee”…”my supervisor…might do this on the side”

2:27-Beck: I would hope our “taxpayer money isn’t going to dirtbags”

2:29-Theresa to Hannah Giles aka “Eden: “You would look adorable in a three-piece suit”…”I would ask for the [bank] President”…to seduce him!

2:30-Theresa: “I have some experience in how not to get caught”


2:35-Theresa: about her ex-husband…”I shot him” WTF

2:37-Theresa: “I never spanked my kids for anything” Beck: “she doesn’t spank her kids but you can bring in 13-year-old illegal aliens for hookers”

2:39-Beck: “Nobody’s asking questions!”…”The Red Cross doesn’t seem to have this problem!”

2:40-Beck: “There needs to be an independent investigation of ACORN”…”I hate to go all Howard Beale on ya…but GET THE (heck) OFF THE COUCH”…asking folks to call newspapers, ABC, Katie Couric, tell congressmen “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States…you took an oath…get your a$$ in gear!”

2:43: Beck-“Does sacred honor even exist anymore?”…now making Edward R. Murrow allusions “have you no shame?” (Beck starting to sound like Olbermann!)

2:47: ACORN set to receive $8.5 BILLION in stimulus $$$ WOWWWW

2:54-O’Keefe: entire expose operation cost $1300…”I’m willing to serve prison time for what I’ve found”…information “completely blew past my expectations”…”it occurred to me very quickly that this wasn’t an isolated incident”


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Just about an hour ago, filmmaker James O’Keefe released the third installment of the ACORN expose, following Baltimore and DC. This one takes place in the Brooklyn ACORN office, and it’s just as shocking as the rest.

I don’t want to give away what happens…but let’s just say there will be a whole new meaning to the phrase “astroturf”…

F#$%ing Coarse Rhetoric

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According to The Hill’s (not the TV show) Blog Briefing Room:

President Obama says the angry scenes on televised town halls represents a “coarsening of our political dialogue.”

Really?  What about Van Jones?  Or Rev. Wright?  Or Bill Ayers?

Since when was questioning authority considered to be a “coarsening of our political dialogue”?  Wasn’t it quite vogue amongst the 60s revolutionaries whom Obama seems to be so fond of?  When did Obama become such a square?

Obama’s philosophy must be “Free speech for me, but not for thee.”

And in honor of “coarse words”, I present:

Eight Years Later

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Below is a reprint of my statement last year at this time.  So many things have changed since then, but what is remarkable are the things that haven’t.  It’s still a miracle that America is still safe.  And as we move away from that fateful day, year after year, we must never forget.


“Seven Years Later”

Seven years later, and it still feels like yesterday.

The images of that morning will be forever seared into our memories.

Never has this generation seen such fear, such horror, such bravery, and such courage.

We must remember both the good and the evil from that day.

We must never forget that radical Islam attacked us on that day, and we must continue to fight the encroachment of such an evil ideology on all fronts.

We must never forget our ability as Americans to come together as we did in the hours, and days, and weeks following that September morning.

Seven years have passed, but the memories still remain.  The families who lost loved ones that day are reminded every day of that fateful day.  Those of us who pause once per year cannot forget those who pause as they awaken from their beds every morning, as they see that empty place at the dinner table every evening.  We must always keep them in our prayers.

I would like to end with a quote by President Bush, something that he spoke poignantly today at the dedication of the remarkable memorial at the Pentagon, “On a day when buildings fell, heroes rose.”  We will never forget.

Joe Wilson (The Good One!)

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Most of the liberals that are getting their panties in a bunch over Joe Wilson’s objection during Obama’s speech last night seem to be thrilled with saddling our country with a British-style system of socialized medicine, yet recoil in horror as members of our Congress are as vocal as members of British Parliament.

Oh, and by the way, I love how “47 million uninsured” was magically pared down to “30 million uninsured” after Rep. Wilson called Obama out on his lie.

Of course, we all know there’s more than 17 million illegal immigrants in the US.

That means that, at the very least, 5.2 million illegal immigrants (those who have been here longer than 6 months) will be required to obtain health insurance.

Something our Dear Leader didn’t mention in last night’s speech.

Thank you, Joe Wilson.