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Let Obama’s “Healthcare Reform” Whitewashing Begin!

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(UPDATE 8/18:  New posts up soon…follow us on Twitter to find out when!)

From the official White House Twitter:

Get a healthy dose of reality about #healthcare insurance reform: #hcr #hir-rc

Look at that…they even made a funny pun! And yet still managed to come off as arrogant as possible. Dare I say…mission accomplished?  (If you want an actual reality check, take a look at Sweetness & Light’s brilliant dissection of the bill)

Notice that this is coming out on the day after Pelosi & Hoyer’s USA Today op-Ed saying “[d]rowning out opposing views is simply un-American.”  Isn’t the President attempting to do just that?

Notice this also is coming out soon after Sarah Palin’s fiery editorial which succintly described the massive shortcomings of this plan.  (NOTE:

And, notice the stunningly simple fact that the Democrats have a majority in both houses, yet can’t quite seem to obtain the votes for this bill.  Support for it is falling by the day.

Doesn’t this all just smack of desperation?



The desperation thickens, with Obama himself holding a smoothly manufactured completely spontaneous townhall today.

Michelle Malkin has the analysis, including the kicker:

Oh, crikey. Obama calls on a 13-year-old girl to lament the “mean signs” about health care reform. “How do kids know what’s true.”

Of course.  Those “signs with swastikas on them,” remember?

Someone gets an A-plus for using Democratic talking points out of the classroom!

PLANT UPDATE: Via Michelle Malkin: So apparently this “completely random” little girl was a plant.  Her mother and her mother’s law firm are huge Obama supporters, have donated money, met the family, etc.

Of course, this girl joins a long list lineup of plants at “spontaneous” townhall meetings, which Michelle has explained in: The Illustrated Guide to ObamaCare Human Props

Move along folks, nothing to see here…

UPDATE 8/12: Another day, another plant?  (via HotAir Headlines, Patterico)

Who is “Dr.” Roxana Mayer?

UPDATE II 8/12: Roxana Mayer: Not a doctor, but an Obama delegate.


Other Updates…


Hillary Clinton may not be channeling her husband, but is Obama channeling Biden?

[on how his healthcare plan will not hurt the private healthcare industry]  If you think about it, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine.  No, they are!  It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.

Is he seriously saying the line for operations will be like the line for stamps?

Imagine those $50 end-it-all pills at only 44 cents.

UPDATE III: Thanks for the link, Frugal Cafe Blog Zone!

UPDATE IV: Via Hot Air’s Quote of the Day–Camille Paglia nails it.

A must-read.  So many quotables, so here’s a little taste:

Blaming obstructionist Republicans is nonsensical because Democrats control all three branches of government. It isn’t conservative rumors or lies that are stopping healthcare legislation; it’s the justifiable alarm of an electorate that has been cut out of the loop and is watching its representatives construct a tangled labyrinth for others but not for themselves. No, the airheads of Congress will keep their own plush healthcare plan — it’s the rest of us guinea pigs who will be thrown to the wolves.

UPDATE V: I’ve received some feedback about exactly how all this qualifies as desperation.

Let’s approach this mathematically.

Delaying the bill + refusing to read it + verbally degrading constituents + stonewalling + hobbling together a “reality check” website when all else fails = desperation.

If the bill was so important and so necessary, then why couldn’t it have been broken down into bite-size pieces to reassure the public and highlight the good aspects of the plan? Why is obfuscation and smoke-and-mirrors the modus operandi here?

UPDATE VI (8/12):  Sarah Palin’s follow-up on “death panels” comment…worth a full read!

UPDATE VII (8/13): “End of life” consultations have been DROPPED from the bill…I think we should thank Sarah for bringing attention to this in the most high-profile way!

UPDATE VIII (8/13): Sarah Palin’s response to the dropping of “end of life” provisions from the bill and what else needs to be dropped…another excellent read!

UPDATE IX (8/13): A great big THANK YOU to the Michelle Malkin & Hot Air readers who have visited the site! You folks made yesterday one of the biggest days in Bulletproof Diction history, and this post has become the MOST popular post on the site.

PLEASE tell your friends (and enemies) about Bulletproof Diction…the more that we spread the truth about this bill…the more that we exercise our First Amendment rights…the more that we remind our government that they serve We the People…the greater ability we have to ensure the American Dream of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for posterity!


Declaring Independence

Posted in Bulletproof Diction, Mainstream Media, Sarah Palin on July 3, 2009 by mb007bpd

Today, Governor Sarah Palin declared independence from the deeply-entrenched political system of our country, the system that has gotten us into the absolute mess that we’re in today.

Was it a gamble?  Of course.  However, I think that this move could help her in spades.

By putting Alaska first, Governor Palin has stayed true to her creed.  She has always exemplified Alaska’s interests and Alaska’s needs.  And when thousands of state dollars and hundreds of state hours were wasted on disproven ethics complaints against her, she made the right move by not remaining as the figurehead of Alaska.  She is a lightning rod, attracting both praise and scorn wherever she goes and whatever she does.

By ceding her personal ambition for that of the state, Governor Palin has fulfilled the role of the citizen politician: she has placed the office above herself, not simply stepping on the office in order to reach a new one.  She has fulfilled the ideals of 1776: of breaking free from the old, entrenched political order and becoming the anti-politician.  And by listening to her statement today, that couldn’t be more clear.

She forces all of us as Americans to take a good look in the mirror, and question our ability to just expect scandal.  In light of what has happened the past few weeks, Americans are deeply suspicious, jaded, and confused with the political process.  People are equally suspicious of this situation, as they await “the other shoe to drop”.

However, she asked us, as Americans, to do one thing today: trust her.

Instead of this being her big test, it is our big test. We have become suspicious of everyone, trusting of no one, to the point where good people avoid politics altogether.  Of course, we have been betrayed by perverts of our political system innumerable times.  We have been scarred by liars, cheats, and hucksters of every breed, in the most unimaginable ways possible.  The American people don’t know who to believe in anymore, with half of us clutching on to a man whose words and persona are simply a veneer for a politician like all others.

We need to get over the fact that the presidency is just a musical chair for politicos.  That once you “graduate” from the Senate or the Governor’s chair, that you’re entitled and expected to take a crack at the chair in the Oval Office while not fulfilling your responsibilities of the office which you currently hold.  We’ve seen what the Beltway has done; Democrats, Republicans, it doesn’t matter.

We have been had most egregiously.

Perhaps nothing exemplifies that better than the Waxman-Markey climate change bill which passed a few days ago.  Were we informed by our media that not a single person read the bill, which was longer than an unabridged copy of War and Peace?  Were enough people aware that a novel’s worth of amendments were added just hours before it was voted upon?  Of course not.  We ceded our skeptical abilities to an equally-corrupt media, who has perverted its mission to the point in which lobbyists can now buy access to some of the most powerful members of our government through the Washington Post.  Does that seem to affect people as much?

Of course not.  Our media has taught us to obsess more over a governor’s exotic crush or a dead man’s medicine cabinet.

However, after learning of today’s announcement, the media has failed to address one aspect of this situation: the Alaskan level of analysis.  What better way to ensure that Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell has a chance to win in 2010 than to endear him to the Alaskan public ahead of time and gain some experience at the same time?  It is no secret that the Murkowski clan as well as some enterprising conservative Democrats will be aiming hard for that governor’s chair, and she would be doing a disservice to Lt. Gov. Parnell and Alaskans by leaving them high and dry after not seeking another term.

By not seeking a second term, by not staying as Governor, Sarah Palin has exhibited a certain grace which is alien to us.  We expect politicians to run again.  We expect Obama to run for President in 2012.  We expect all of our politicians to max out their term limits and try to squeeze in more, a la Michael Bloomberg.  We expect our politicians to act like Chavez and Zelaya, and try any way possible to stay in office like the statists they are.  Not since LBJ have we seen a politician so gracious as to step aside when the time is right.  Now, to be fair, Gov. Palin maxed out her terms as Mayor of Wasilla.  However, that was at a point in time in which nobody outside of the state knew who she was, which is the way her life was up until a little over a year ago.  With the focus on her and not on the office, she would be unable to run Alaska as she did before she was chosen to be the VP nominee.

She has been able to bring Alaska to the national spotlight, and highlight the importance of our neighbor to the north like no person since William Seward in the 1860s.  She has overhauled the Alaskan political system from a corrupt, tightly-knit oligarchy of backroom wheelers-and-dealers to a transparent, ethical, responsible system that is the envy of the other 49 states of the Union.  She has enabled Alaska to contribute to fueling the United States on a scale never before imagined.  She has helped to reform the Alaskan education system, brought climate change to the forefront of the state government’s concerns, highlighted the importance of Alaska to America’s national security, simplified the tax code to be more responsible to Alaskans, and even made the state more attractive to tourism.  In a year and a half, she has done more to change and improve Alaska than all of its past governors did over their multiple terms, with an independent spirit and a servant’s heart.  And now, she passes the torch onto Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, who will be able to ensure that the flame of the people in Alaska never dies out, no matter what opposition it faces from the corruptocrats who will be ready for round two in 2010.  She is a success story, in a way that makes citizens of disaster states like California simply envious of such progressive change.

Mission accomplished.

BREAKING: Palin Announcement

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My take:  This very well could’ve been the smartest move she could’ve made.  Today we saw true Sarah, 100% honest and straightforward.  She is putting Alaska First, which has always been her creed…and she is not only saving the state money by making this move but potentially helping Lt. Gov. Parnell in 2010…besides…imagine the travel costs between AK and the lower 48.  As far as for personal reasons, they all bend in her favor…her family agreed with the decision, and what’s best for her and her family should always be first.


An announcement by Gov. Sarah Palin from her home in Wasilla, AK is expected in eight minutes.  I will liveblog this…stay tuned.

Oh and one thing: Run, Sarah, Run!

UPDATE:  CNN is saying that she has, indeed, confirmed that she won’t run for re-election in Alaska, however, this is according to “GOP sources”…

UPDATE: Fox is saying the same…

UPDATE: Politico is saying the same…

Why is everyone (Chris Wallace, Carl Cameron) complaining that she didn’t do this on a big news day?  I’m tired of this whining about how “this isn’t something you would do for a national campaign”…didn’t anyone think she might want to tie this to a 4th of July message?

UPDATE:  Drudge a little slow on the uptake…

Report: Sarah Palin won’t seek second term as Alaska Gov… Developing…

UPDATE:  MSNBC saying:


This isn’t good…they’re saying it’s because of the “toll of the ethics code violations”…

UPDATE:  MSNBC saying she’s been through a “national meat grinder”…might be leaving politics entirely…made this decision after taking a family vote…results were unanimous (according to John Harwood, CNBC)

UPDATE:  Fox talking about a dead man’s drugs instead of this story…

UPDATE:  MSNBC saying she is a “smart businesswoman” for making this decision by “cutting her losses”…

UPDATE: Fox now saying “Palin transferring power to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell”…from AK affiliate…

UPDATE:  MSNBC speculating she might want to have a TV show…David Shuster saying “her political future is done”…

UPDATE:  Could there be something more serious afoot?  MSNBC seems unwilling to investigate, Fox is…

UPDATE:  Fox is now dumping on her experience…

UPDATE:  Fox News has spoken to Todd…she is stepping down…she wants to “do things for the country she couldn’t do as Governor”

UPDATE:  CNN carrying it live…she quotes Gen. MacArthur:

We are not retreating, we are advancing in another direction.

Could that mean what I think it means?  After all, she has “Alaska in her heart”, which means that they would be ill-served if she ran for President and was going back and forth from Alaska to the lower 48…

UPDATE:  Incredibly slow Drudge is now saying that she will be stepping down as of July 26…

She was just cleared of her FIFTEENTH ethics charge, which is incredibly difficult for any Governor to go through…

UPDATE:  She mentioned how the decision was solidified over her trip to Kosovo…

You have to commend her for putting Alaska First here…above her own ambitions…

UPDATE:  Furthering that, Fox has her brother on right now, who said, “she was spending 80% of her time defending herself and not being able to spend enough time on state issues”…

UPDATE:  NRO has the statement:

Bill Kristol calls her “crazy like a fox”…”I haven’t ruled out it’s a stroke of genius”…

UPDATE:  Now Fox has the video…she is listing off her administration’s successes (a smart move)…mind you, this statement has been delivered WITHOUT a teleprompter/TOTUS…

“We’re fishermen…we know that only dead fish ‘go with the flow'”…


We’ll soon attach info on decision to not seek re-election… this is in Alaska’s best interest, my family’s happy… it is good, stay tuned