Obama’s Speech to Congress

I’d rather watch So You Think You Can Dance.

However, large excerpts of the speech have already been released.  And they’re quite telling, especially in light of the recent calls from the left for Obama to “sound tougher”.

Some notable ones:

If you misrepresent what’s in the plan, we will call you out.

Wow…that sounds a little scary.  Does “we” include Congress?  Do they even know what’s in the bill…and, for that matter…do you Mr. President?

Or is “we” the media?  Are you finally admitting that the media is simply an extension of the White House Press Office?

Andy Levy makes a sharp point on Twitter:

“Instead of honest debate, we have seen scare tactics.”

Later: “…if we do nothing…more [Americans] will die.”

Typical Obama.  Say one thing.  Say something different.  *Hope* nobody notices.

However, so y’all don’t have to watch it, I will liveblog:

5:10–You’re late!

5:12–Hillary awkwardly kissing, then dissing Obama

5:16:–The Botox Twins doing their best poker faces

5:16–blah blah “worst economic situation” blah blah

5:17–we took “bold and decisive action”, economy “back on track”, blah blah

5:20–invoking John Dingell…(yes, the father of the man who compared healthcare protestors to KKK)

5:21–says we “allow hardship” for our people (even though he seems bent on imposing it)

5:22–“man from Illinois”, “woman from Texas”…more random, nameless people

5:23–Michelle…one word: SMILE

5:24–hey, here’s a solution to cut costs Mr. President: LET US BUY INSURANCE FROM OTHER STATES

5:25–“our healthcare problem IS our deficit problem”…then WHY do you want to spend MORE >_<

5:25–oh no…”there are those”…here we go again

5:26–“build an entirely new system from scratch”…negates those who want “single-payer” and elimination of employer-based

5:28–camera focus on Rangel…why is he not in jail?

5:28–“scare tactics”…”short-term political points”…”blizzard of charges and countercharges” (someone had fun with the thesaurus)

5:29–“the time for bickering is over, the time for games has passed”…trying to sound authoritative

5:29–“nothing in our plan requires to change what you have” (does he think we’re so stupid he has to say it twice?)

5:30–Reid pulling up his pants

5:31–“more security and more stability” blah blah

5:32–“new insurance exchange”…”competitive prices”…”let’s them compete for millions of new customers” (hey…here’s an exchange…THE FREE MARKET)

5:33–exchange is 4 years off “gives us time to get it right”…”immediate low-cost coverage”…cites one of McCain’s idea, McCain gives it a thumbs-up

5:34–“individuals will be REQUIRED to carry basic health insurance” (and if you don’t, we will charge you)…businesses will be “required to chip in”…cites some bogus “95%” statistic again

5:35–“and while there remains some significant details to still be ironed out” AHAHAHAH

5:36–“bogus claims”…”those who only agenda is to kill reforms at any costs”

5:37–calls Sarah Palin “cynical and irresponsible” (so now you’re attacking talk radio, Fox News, AND private citizens)

5:38–AHAHAH someone yelled at him from the gallery about funding illegal immigrants

5:39–“choice and competition” blah blah blah

5:40–“I have no interest in putting insurance companies out of business”

5:41–talking about how AL is 90% controlled by 1 insurance company…OPEN UP THE BARRIERS TO BUYING INSURANCE FROM OTHER STATES

5:43–“Washington ideological battles”…except for the fact that people are having those same debates everywhere

5:44–“my Republican friends”…you haven’t spoken with them since April!

5:45–“I will not sign it if it adds one dime to the deficit now or in the future”

5:46–“I walked in with a trillion-dollar deficit” blah blah whining blah

5:47–“I want to speak directly to seniors for a moment”…about time

5:48–“independent commission charged with identifying more waste in the years ahead” aka cutting your coverage

5:49–“that will not happen on my watch” (opting out of medicare)

5:50–geez Nancy looks like a frog in the background

5:51–medical malpractice reform (lip service or actual change?)…some boos on the left!

5:53–directing Sebelius to look into malpractice reform (FINALLY)

5:54–$900 billion AHAHAH

5:55–“my door is always open” (sounds like a lonely ex)

5:55–Republican holding up their plan (BRILLIANT)

5:55–“we will call you out!”


5:56–oh NO here we go with Teddy Kennedy (can we say that Obama is holding a seance?)

6:00–DO IT FOR TEDDY!!!1

6:01–does Obama realize that government generally causes monopolies?

6:01–“we came here to shape [the future]”…”I still believe…I STILL BELIEVE we can replace acrimony with civility” (okay now he’s just ripping off MLK)

Possible title for Obama’s speech?  The Audacity of Truth


2 Responses to “Obama’s Speech to Congress”

  1. MetalGirl1 Says:

    Your observations are absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I thought I was the only one who noticed this crap! LMAO!! I made a few observations on Pelosi myself on Conservathink….check it out and see if you agree?

  2. Thank you very much! And yes…your observations are dead on!

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