Automotive Eugenics

Imagine this scenario.  Grandma Betty, Uncle Rufus, etc. are getting a little long in the tooth.  They’re not as efficient with the healthcare system as they used to be, as they require more tune-ups and procedures to keep them running smooth.  Suddenly, it’s decided that in order to save money, we’re not going to go through expensive measures to keep them running in tip-top shape.  Eventually, we come to the conclusion that they’ve had a good run, but for the good of the environment, it’s they’re time to go.  But don’t worry.  It will be painless.  A little injection of chemical and they won’t even know what hit them.

The above scenario describes a possible, albeit extended extrapolation of ObamaCare.  Obama himself has admitted as much that “cutting costs” = “cutting procedures”.  However, it’s not that far off to assume that with such a drastic change to the healthcare system that “life-ending” procedures will be performed in greater numbers, at least among the “terminally ill” (determined by whom?  The government, of course!)

Now, substitute your car for Grandma Betty and Uncle Rufus, and you have ObAutoCare, also known as “Cash for Clunkers”.  In fact, the program was such a success, it ran out of money in three days.  The parallels are eerie.  Under the guise of “saving money” (a rebate) you’re encouraged to turn in that boring old jalopy for a shiny, new, fuel-efficient, “American” car.  Of course, there’s no consideration for the fact that having a bunch of used cars taken off the road can cause price increases in the used-car market (which is SO helpful to people who can’t always afford a new car and need to buy a used one…way to help lower-income Americans!)  This cog in the car market wheel, rife with loopholes, resulting in a backed-up system…

Wait a second…

Sounds similar to ObamaCare!

Autos are the closest, most-widely used machine that man has made similar to itself.  Take a look at the face of a Beetle or this Fisker Karma and tell me they don’t look like people.  In fact, Toyota’s Pod concept car actually changes colors based on the driver’s mood.  You may never love cars as much as this guy, but I know most people who aren’t that far off (myself included).

So when a video like this pops up, it’s hard not to cringe.  I still have not brought myself to watch it yet.  However, due to ObAutoCare, thousands of cars met this same fate the past week.  Good cars.  Reliable cars.  Cars that could’ve been donated to someone in need or bought by a family who needs transport.  Instead they will go off to a metal scrapyard somewhere, a little piece of automotive history destroyed.

In the name of “cutting costs”, we have turned to Automotive Eugenics (courtesy of your neighborhood congressman!)  How long will it be before in the same name of “cutting costs” and courtesy of the same dipstick who represents your district we will turn towards actual eugenics?

UPDATE: (8/24):  Cash for Clunkers finally bit the dust today, and good riddance.  Ed Morrissey has the obit.


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