H for Hysteria

After listening to all the healthcare hoopla in the media, and today’s announcement about the bill in Congress being postponed until after the August recess, I couldn’t help but think of something.  Notice how hysterical the coverage has been of swine flu in the past couple of weeks.  Is that a coincidence?  Or, is it “the illusion of coincidence”?

The postponing of the healthcare bill until after the recess may seem to put Congress at a disadvantage.  It’s clear they can’t pass it now, otherwise they already would have done so.  The support for universal healthcare has fallen to a stunning 19.6% among Facebook users, a generally young and Obama-friendly demographic.  Including likely blowback from cap-and-trade, congressmen are reticent to make another vote that could endanger their likelihood of reelection in 2010.

However, why would Reid and Pelosi put themselves at such a disadvantage?  There has to be another reason.  As we steadily approach flu season in the fall, the media panic over it will continue to increase.  By the time Congress plans to vote on this bill after the recess, the media will have demanded increased government response to the flu “epidemic”, undoubtedly drawing President Obama to extol the virtues of his plan when it comes to dealing with mass immunizations and other measures to deal with said “epidemic”.  The last time the government tried mass-immunizations for a swine flu “epidemic”, the death count was swine flu 1, vaccine 25.  They’ve already got the kids scared with the panic over Ron Weasley from Harry Potter being stricken with swine flu.

This whole kabuki theatre is reminiscent of V for Vendetta, where a government-and-pharmaceutical-supported media intimidated the populace with pandemics, epidemics, and every other “demic” you could think of.  And before you chide me for citing a movie when it comes to healthcare, ask President Morpheus.


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