Honduras and the Obama Worldview

Obama’s position over Honduras reveals something about Obama’s worldview that is crucial to the execution of his foreign policy.  His first concern is how people think of America, regardless of America’s course of action in any given situation.

In Iran, his fear was that the US would be viewed as interfering, harkening back memories of 1953.

In Honduras, his fear was that the US would be viewed as interfering, harkening back memories of the 1980s.

However, what Obama either doesn’t realize or doesn’t consider is the fact that regardless of our actions in such individual situations, anti-Americans in these regimes are going to blame us for things we didn’t do.  They thrive because of their opposition to our ideals, our way of life, and our country.  They will propagandize perspectives of us to serve their own agenda because that is how they stay in power.  And as a student of international relations, Obama should understand these problems at the state and individual levels of analysis more than anyone.

UPDATE: Via Hot Air/RCP:

Gibbs said Obama addressed Honduras because he wanted to end rumors that the United States had anything to do with the coup.

Just as I suspected.

UPDATE II: Just checked Technorati…thanks for the link, Jason Bradley at Excellence in America!  Oh and read his post…he raises some good points about how the “Honduran precedent” vis-a-vis our 22nd Amendment.


3 Responses to “Honduras and the Obama Worldview”

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