My apologies for the gross negligence in not posting here in the aftermath of the election. I’m going to start posting here more often, commenting at Hot Air, and we’re going to get this machine a-rolling again. Why wait until New Year’s for resolutions?

I’ve been keeping an eye on Obama’s cabinet appointments and the Blagojevich scandal, and I will post more on that later.

The Twitter is up and running now, and the URL is 

Please follow/add me on Twitter, and many thanks to these three for already doing so:


Infidels Are Cool:

Rajan Vaish:

My next few posts will be a form of playing catch-up.  I’ve already added most as posted items on Facebook, and they’re things I hope y’all find piquant. 

Thank you all for still continuing to visit the blog in my absence, and, as always, please tell your friends/enemies/frenemies about Bulletproof Diction!


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