Stevens Not Guilty, Still Porcine Addict

UPDATE:  I deeply regret not updating this earlier.  My apologies to Sen. Stevens, as he has been found not guilty.

Those who follow the blog know that I have no love for soon-to-be-ex-Senator Ted Stevens.  After the Bridge to Nowhere failure, he lost my support, and after finding out about his extensive pork-barrel spending, he lost my respect.

So, today, not to my surprise, he was found guilty on all seven counts of corruption.  The evidence against him spoke for itself.

Senator Stevens represents the past of the Republican party.  Governor Palin represents the future.  Stevens knows it, Palin knows it, and the American people know it.  In less than eight days this country will decide who will become the next President of the United States, and who will be able to usher in a new, more ethical era into Washington.  The Democrats promised to do that in 2006; their victory was due in no small part to toadies like Sen. Stevens.  However, they have utterly failed at creating “the most ethical Congress ever.”  Should we give them another chance this time around, with Obama at the helm?  Well, considering that their candidate in fiscal year 2008 alone asked for the SECOND highest amount of pork-barrel spending in Congress (second only to Sen. Clinton) totalling $97.4 million, I’d say that’s a big, fat no.

Did I mention that young Sen. Obama has requested nearly one billion dollars worth of pork-barrel spending in just THREE years of being in the U.S. Senate?

How much money did John McCain request in FY2008?  Zero dollars.

I think it’s clear who can bring about real change in Washington.


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