Impotence Strikes Again!

No, this isn’t a Viagra ad, but it seems like everyone’s favorite international organization needs a little blue pill or two.

Important info:

Western diplomats said the resolution would reaffirm three rounds of earlier U.N. sanctions to make clear that the process has not been dropped and that the council wants Iran to comply.

The United States, Britain and France have been pressing for a new round of sanctions to step up pressure against Iran for its continuing refusal to suspend uranium enrichment as a prelude to talks on its nuclear program. But Russia and China objected to new sanctions.

The proposed new resolution appears to be a compromiseno new sanctions but a tough statement to Iran that Security Council resolutions are legally binding and must be carried out.

Russia on Tuesday had scuttled high-level talks on imposing new sanctions on Iran that had been set for Thursday between the foreign ministers of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany, the key players in seeking an agreement with Iran. Even sanctions opponent China had agreed to the meeting.

This Russia?  The one that has been kissing the boots of another terrorism-supporting country?  

And speaking of boots, Ahmadinejad must be quaking in his right now.

Could these two events be somehow…*gasp* connected?

Putin made the nuclear offer after Russia this week delayed talks with the United States and other powers on fears Iran is developing nuclear weapons, concerns critics say have been exacerbated by civilian nuclear technology provided by Moscow.

Surprise!  And in case anyone was wondering whose side the AFP was on… 
Russia’s relations with the United States are in a deep chill, most recently over the brief war in Georgia last month — a conflict where Chavez was one of the few world leaders to support Moscow.

During that war, Washington angered Moscow by holding naval exercises near its Black Sea coast. And when the war ended, the United States used warships to deliver humanitarian aid to Georgia.

No mention of how Moscow engaged in shady arms deals with South Ossetia and essentially firebombed a sovereign nation like Georgia.  

But who needs facts when you have the AFP?  Or strength when you have the UN?

I guess Mark Steyn was right.


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