Debate No. 1 Verdict

I wasn’t able to liveblog the debate, but I was glad that I got a chance to watch it. My verdict:

Nobody brought up ANY new points or plans. Lots of “well I agree with Senator ______” which gets a little old after awhile.  The entire ordeal was simply a face-off over records. Many attempts at “gotcha” back and forth, but few actually stuck.  Jim Lehrer did a decent job; tried to corral subjects back to original intent, but unnerving and tedious at times.

The good: Obama’s tone, phrasing. McCain’s explanation of the issues.

The bad: Obama’s pausing, conviction. McCain’s speaking style, backtracking.

The verdict: McCain. Better handling of the issues, more deft speaking style, not quite the folksy grasp of Obama but made up with substance.


One Response to “Debate No. 1 Verdict”

  1. A Draw, but MSM will say Obama.

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