Shame On You, Barack Obama

Pretty much self-explanatory.

As of this writing, there are 239,007 Youtube views, and it’s still on YouTube and the Obama campaign website

The fact that Obama has not issued a public, personal apology for this  is absolutely stunning.  When his Ad Team (or whatever he calls them…”Ministry of Probamaganda”) was making this ad, didn’t one person wonder why McCain “can’t send an e-mail”?  Didn’t one person think that since he can’t raise his arms over his head, that he might have some sort of physical impairment?   

Of course not.  Because blind allegiance has a funny way of blinding truth.

In the iconic words of Hillary Clinton,

Shame on you, Barack Obama!


2 Responses to “Shame On You, Barack Obama”

  1. If you want to help fighting unfair treatment of Palin in the media..sign and advertise this petition. They are not stopping and we have to send a message. As soon as I have 1000, I will print and send this certified mail with return receipt to the CEOs of the major news channels and NYT. I want to do it by the end of the week and can do this with some help from fellow bloggers and supporters.


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