Asking McCain in June

Good news, Diction-eers!  I was going to post about this yesterday, but I thought it would be a better surprise for today.  My local paper contacted me yesterday about asking Sen. McCain about Palin when he came to Fresno in June.  Not only did they repost the video on their newsblog, they also wrote an article appeared in the front section of the paper.  It’s amazing how, just a couple of months ago, we were still patiently waiting for our first blog comment back on Blogspot and weren’t even a part of the Draft Sarah Palin for VP community.  But, thanks to all your hard work, McCain has now chosen the right woman for the job.


3 Responses to “Asking McCain in June”

  1. Bulletproof Diction? Do you mean the strident tone of her shrill and irritating voice? Palin does not even speak grammatically correct english!

  2. Elise: Palin sounds positively operatic compared to Hillary.

  3. Palin’s voice is perfect to project over a large hall. No need to tear down Hillary. Wonder if Elise’s English, her diction, her spelling or her vocabulary are perfect. I am watching.

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