Folks, I was the FIRST to ask Sen. McCain HIMSELF about Palin’s prospects as a VP choice all the way back in June at his rally in Fresno.  

Many congratulations to Gov. Palin and her family on this momentous occasion.  Also, many congratulations to Adam Brickley at Draft Sarah Palin for VP for getting the message out about the Governor.  

Let the race BEGIN!



  1. I may have just turned democrat !


    The democrats won the election!

  3. DM, Mitch: Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

  4. This person is so misinformed.
    Obama was raised in Hawaii.
    The “hey baby…next generation comment comes from the gutter.

    What is wrong with honest work? Mopping floors or saving lives- honest work is honest work, Fair Pay should be the issue here.

    You want a younger than Obama, ‘soccer mom’ one step away from the White House when McCain croaks?

    – and No Experience with Law / Balance of Power.

    (remember balance of power? we have not had it for years!)

  5. Palin is ‘for’ teaching Creationism in schools – (anti-science).

    Palin is Very Much Pro Life.

  6. Donna:

    (A) Your first comment was for the preceding post.

    (B) Ahem, “After her divorce, Dunham [Obama’s mother] married Lolo Soetoro, and the family moved to Soetoro’s home country of Indonesia in 1967, where Obama attended local schools in Jakarta until he was ten years old.

    Did I say there was something wrong with honest work? What I alluded to was the sappy and rhetorically odd sentiment that Obama was expressing.

    Would you rather have Obama even closer to the White House…say, IN it?

    I love how you said “when McCain croaks,” as if he’s on his deathbed or something. Trust me…if that tough ‘ol bird was in seriously bad shape…he wouldn’t even be running for the job.

    Palin calls herself a “hockey mom.”

    Obama has no foreign policy experience, and Biden’s is hugely exaggerated.

    Palin has experience with the “balance of power” in Alaska…she has jettisoned the toadies from all parts of the executive branch and been able to reach across the aisle to Dems and Independents in the Legislature and Judiciary.

    Palin is “for” offering creationism as an alternative to be taught alongside evolution in schools.

    And, yes, of course, she is very much pro-life (you got a problem with that?)

  7. Oh, and

    (C) It appears you have the sense of humor of a doorknob.

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