The Proof is in the…Sticker?

Drudge is going all out over a bumper sticker printed in a Kansas factory that says “Obama/Bayh ’08”. Remember…Drudge also said that Obama was planning to make his VP announcement at a few different times this week. I’m skeptical for a few reasons:

1) The font doesn’t match the modern font of all other official Obama paraphernalia. In fact, the font looks rather anemic and bland for a campaign of such “excitement.”

2) Would Obama’s campaign really be stupid enough to tell a factory full of stickermakers who the VP is before the announcement and expect it to not get out?

3) So far, all that exists is one picture of the sticker. How do we know it isn’t a photoshop or just a potential sticker design (in case he actually did pick Bayh?)

4) There was a slight amount of buzz last night about Bayh being the pick, but doesn’t Obama think that since everyone knows he’s making the announcement in Springfield, IL that people would just guess it’s Bayh anyway?

Well, the AP is now saying that the magical coast-to-coast text message is going out tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated when it happens.


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