“Dirty Harry” Reid Strikes Again

In an ever-increasing bid to light a wet match in the cold, dark cave of obscurity, Sen. Harry Reid weighs in on the Vice-Presidential deliberations.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., defended Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman on Wednesday after the former Democratic vice presidential nominee accepted a speaking slot at next month’s Republican convention in Minnesota.

“He has a close personal relationship with John McCain. I don’t fully understand why he does,” said Reid, who said Lieberman called Tuesday from the Republic of Georgia to alert him to the move.

I told him last night, ‘You know, Joe, I can’t stand John McCain.‘ He said, ‘I know you feel that way,’ ” Reid said.

But Reid said he would continue to resist calls from the Democratic Party’s base to strip Lieberman, now an independent, of his Senate positions for his disloyalty.

“All my close votes, he’s always with me, whether it’s the budget or energy issues,” Reid said. “No matter what it is, he’s always with us. He just does not vote right on Iraq. … Why would I want to throw away a good vote?

You know Harry, I can’t stand you either.  And neither can 91% of the country.  In fact, we would all be better off if you retired to a mobile home on Yucca Mountain.


One Response to ““Dirty Harry” Reid Strikes Again”

  1. A trailer is to good for him. A “POP-UP” is the appropriate payment for all he’s done. I didn’t realize that a person could be removed from committees for voting their conscience or against their own party. Guess it’s all about Harry, not the people.

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