Rumors have been swirling as usual about Obama’s Vice-President choice.  On Hannity & Colmes last night, it was alluded to that Obama’s top three were Kaine, Bayh, and Biden.  Out of three, my guess would have to be Biden.  In the Drudge Report poll, Biden has (as of this writing) received the most votes with 27%.  It now appears that there is some credence to this rumor.

From Obama’s perspective, Biden is a smart choice.  Out of the three, he is the most well known, most experienced, and has the best hairplugs.

From my perspective, Biden is an egotistical hack who has the remarkable ability to make a verbal slip somewhere down the road that could jeopardize the campaign.  Did I mention that he has the best hairplugs?

Obama/Biden?  Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


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