Musharraf Steps Down

Now that Pakistan has become Post-Bhutto Pakistan, this was rather inevitable.  

Many problems still remain:

1) Who will lead the country now?  The opposing party?  So far, they haven’t shown much leadership skill.

2) How will this affect their relationship with the U.S.?  Are we to expect a leader less pro-American than Musharraf?

3) Who is in control of the red button now?  With a transition of power in such an unstable country, is anyone keeping an eye on the nuclear weapons?  The existing Pakistani government and IAEA have a duty to make sure that none of those weapons come even close to getting into the wrong hands.

4) Could this hurt the U.S. mission in Afghanistan?  With a less decisive leader in power, the Taliban and al-Qaeda are sure to grab at any opportunity to gain a foothold.

5) Optimistically, could this be a stepping stone on the way to a free, democratic Pakistan?  We can only hope so.

and, most importantly:

6) How will this help Michelle Obama’s children?


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