McCain VP Announcement August 29th?

Well, sooner or later, we knew this day would come.  Thankfully, later.

So: Dayton, Ohio.  As far as deriving picks from the choice of venue:

Rob Portman

John Kasich

Personally, I wouldn’t be upset with either choice.  Portman’s got the credentials, Kasich’s got the verve.  

But where does this leave us with Palin?

McCain advisers say they don’t think it would make sense to name the vice presidential designee earlier because the impact would get diluted by Obama’s selection. And because the GOP convention is second, they have the advantage of knowing the opposition ticket before showing their own cards. 

Smart choice.  This leaves me hopeful about Palin.  Why?  Because the only choice that Obama could possibly make to dissuade McCain from choosing Palin would be Kathleen Sebelius.  And after an initial flinch, I think that in such circumstances, McCain would be smart to choose Palin anyway.  

As the article says,

“McCain views this as the one decision that he has total, utter, nonnegotiable control over,” one campaign official said.”

Senator McCain, the choice is yours.


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