Pamela Anderson? Hypocrite? You Don’t Say?

Pamela Anderson.  To paraphrase Lewis Black, “that’s the joke.”  That’s just about all I have to say to get someone’s attention.

Apparently, Ms. Anderson-Lee-Rock-Bert-Ernie-Snuffleupagus wants to build an eco-hotel in Abu Dhabi.  You only have to read the first paragraph to realize just how nuts this woman is.

The former ‘Baywatch’ actress – who is a campaigner for People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)was so impressed with the city when she visited on a charity trip with the Make A Wish Foundation she has decided to set up a business there.

I have no qualms with the Make-A-Wish celebrity auction, except it does raise the question of who paid for the round-trip LA-UAE flight for the former Baywatch “actress.”

I can’t believe that the PETA spokes-pornstar wants to build a hotel in Abu Dhabi.  Is she completely unaware of animal rights abuses such as cat trapping and camel racing that go on under the nose of the Royal Family?  Not to mention their less-than-stellar track record of human rights.

Who would’ve thunk it that Abu Dhabi was so moderate that they even let the silicone infidel in the country in the first place?  

(h/t the fantastic Deceiver)


One Response to “Pamela Anderson? Hypocrite? You Don’t Say?”

  1. palinforvp Says:

    I just wanted you to know that you have been added to the endorsements list at I’ve been a little lax in maintaining that list, so apologies for the lag.

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