A Day That Will Never Be Forgot

August 1st, 2008, will remain a monumental day in American history.  It is the day that our representatives, in the House of the People, took a stand at their own expense to demand that our Congress vote to allow America to become energy-independent.  For those that shook the Capitol to the ground, they deserve a hero’s welcome to their home districts.  The revolution has begun.  

It would be prudent for Congress to produce a Declaration of Energy Independence, stating that by the Semiquincentennial of the United States of America, that we will have declared ourselves fully independent from all energy ties we have to rogue states that undermine our way of life.  On our 250th Anniversary, July 4th, 2026, I hope that our Congress will have the guts to stand before the American people and state that the United States has the ability to produce all of the clean, safe energy that it needs without having to rely on cartels, terrorists, or sheikhs alike.

I also make a motion to officially designate August the 1st as “Legislative Responsibility Day,” a day when we, the American people, can do our part to keep an eye on those representing us in government and make sure that they are representing us as we wish.  

Today is a day that has, after a long while, made me proud to call myself a Republican and has, once again, made me proud to call myself an American.

Update: Video via HotAir and Heritage Foundation!


3 Responses to “A Day That Will Never Be Forgot”

  1. Great site, love the patriotism and the passion. I on board, Let’s Roll!

  2. oops I mean I’m on board!

  3. Thank you!

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