Bulletproof Diction EXCLUSIVE: McCain/Palin ’08

The rumor mills are grinding away at the prospects of a McCain/Palin ticket.  I was the first to ask Sen. McCain himself about the possibility of choosing Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential candidate on June 23rd when McCain had a townhall in Fresno.  His response is detailed here.

Unfortunately, the video isn’t up on Youtube, but it can be found here as Townhall, Part Five.


One Response to “Bulletproof Diction EXCLUSIVE: McCain/Palin ’08”

  1. Thanks for asking Sen. McCain.

    By the way, here’s the theme song when Sarah Palin makes her Veep center stage appearance at the Republican National Convention later this summer:

    Oh, and yes it IS gonna be Palin. McCain’s already got this new ad up which essentially announces Palin as his pick (without ever having to mention her name).

    It’s even got the McCain/Palin campaign slogan vs. Obama: “Don’t hope for new energy, vote for it.” –-


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