Gramm Scam

Gramm is riding the real straight-talk express here. 

Every once in awhile, we need to be slapped in the face and kicked in the nuts just to prove that we still have some resolve left. Every day, we see hysterical, Chicken Little exhortations from the media about the economy, about gas prices, about a recession. After a while, this propaganda affects people. It gets into their heads, it affects their behaviors. Combined with the perpetuation of the victimization culture, it creates a perfect storm of selfish discontent.

There are actual people who are actually struggling in this country. People fall on hard times. It happens every day. There is nothing that government can do to remedy this without sticking to market-based approaches. We have seen government fail time and time again in trying to help everyone through handouts. The beauty of our American way of life is that we naturally help others while maintaining a degree of self-reliance. This is the essence of our principles. Despite recent changes in the economy, we have maintained an unparalleled quality of life in America. And it’s about time we stopped taking it for granted.

(h/t Ed Morrissey at HotAir)


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