AP Takes a Step Towards the Esoteric

I happened to stumble across this during a stroll through MSNBC (aka La-La Land)

Three frustrating questions:

1.  The AP never mentions specific incidents of racism or discrimination.  It only mentions the vague term “policies.”  How am I to judge whether or not the AMA made the right move here?  As a reader, I have been deprived of knowledge, a tool of critical thinking.

2.  According to Dr. Otis Brawley of the American Cancer Association,

“It is true that what the AMA did historically was awful,” said Dr. Otis Brawley, the American Cancer Society’s chief medical officer. “There were AMA local chapters that actually had rules against black members well into the late 1960s, and policies that made blacks not feel comfortable well into the 1980s.


What exactly is a “policy that doesn’t make blacks feel comfortable?”  

3. Another odd statement:
Dr. Monica Peek, a Chicago internist and member of the AMA and National Medical Association, said the apology “creates an open and healthy dialogue for addressing these issues” that black doctors have long been aware of.

But she said AMA’s actions don’t lessen the need for a separate group representing black doctors.

Why does there need to be a need for a separate group representing black doctors?  Dr. Peek doesn’t explain.  

Once again, I am left with questions that should be answered by a responsible news source. And once again, I am left bereft of answers.

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