Happy 232nd Birthday America!

                   (my picture of the Declaration in the National Archives)

On this wonderful day, we honor the forefathers who had the insight to, against all odds, create the foundation for a country that would someday become a beacon of hope and liberty to the entire world.  We honor the people who have sacrificed their lives and their livelihoods to keep our country safe for us to live, now and forever.  And most importantly, we thank our Creator, who instilled our forefathers and us with Divine Providence to initiate and keep this country as the greatest nation on earth for 232 years.  

–Bulletproof Diction
P.S.:  I have been very lucky to see the Declaration of Independence in person, and I must say, it is awe-inspiring.  Check out Ed Morrissey’s fantastic article about the Declaration and its meaning.
           (the signatures–John Hancock in the center)

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