CBS News Pooh-Poohs $200 Burger for Charity

When this story first came out a little less than 24 hours ago, the reporting about it was much cheerier.

Just look at the title: “Decadent or Despicable?”  Both choices sound so evil and bourgeoisie. 

Of course, the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric can’t be bothered to be Today-Show-style uplifting.  

To food crisis campaigners trying to draw attention to the millions of poor around the world, who are struggling to survive at a time of shortages and rising prices for basic commodities, this is the wrong burger, and the wrong message, at the wrong time. 

“To come out with this kind of hugely expensive and over-the-top burger and to have 80 million people going to bed hungry every night is just to shoot yourself in the foot,” Tucker said.

Look at how Fox News and CBS differ when reporting the charity aspect of the burger:

Fox News:  

All the proceeds from The Burger sales will go to the Help A London Child charity, which assists young people experiencing abuse, homelessness, disability, poverty and illness.

CBS News:

The chain, which is donating the proceeds from this promotion to charity, calls it “deliciously decadent.” Delicious is a matter of taste. 

Nobody’s arguing with decadent.

Considerably different, no?

Methinks Katie must be on a new diet.


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