Breaking News: Supreme Court Immigration Ruling

Once AGAIN the Supreme Court epically fails.

The court ruled 5-4 Monday that someone who is here illegally may withdraw his voluntarily [sic] agreement to depart and continue to try to get approval to remain in the United States.

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin Bache (Franklin’s grandson), can’t these “old, querulous, Bald, blind, crippled, Toothless” Supreme Court justices read?  What part of “here illegally” do they not understand?  

The decision essentially embraced a proposed Justice Department regulation governing the treatment of similar cases in the future.

Since when was the Court in the business of furthering proposed bureaucratic policies. I know activism…and I’ve certainly seen it.

Samson Dada, a Nigerian citizen, stayed beyond the expiration of histourist [sic] visa in 1998. He married an American the following year and soon began trying to obtain a visa as an immediate relative of a citizen. But Dada and his wife apparently failed to submit some documents, causing immigration officials to deny the visa.

Dada has been trying again to obtain the visa, but immigration authorities meanwhile have ordered him to leave the country.

He agreed to leave voluntarily, which would allow him to try sooner to re-enter the country legally than if he had been deported.

The court’s task was to decide whether he could withdraw his voluntary agreement to leave the country and continue to try to adjust his status while in the United States.

Immigration authorities recently ruled that Dada had entered a “sham” marriage in order to stay in the United States, but that finding was not part of the court’s consideration.

Even ICE (or at least I’m assuming that’s who the mysterious “immigration authorities” are) knew that this guy entered a sham marriage.  But to Hades with the facts.  How dare we interrupt the Court trying to set precedent.


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