BBC America aka al-Jazeera News Network

From time to time, I enjoy watching BBC America news to get a more “international” perspective on things.  Just kidding.  I watch it for my personal amusement, just to see how stilted their perspective of American affairs actually is.  Twenty minutes into the twenty-five minute broadcast, they finally found it necessary to mention the fact that US troop casualties and Iraqi civilian casualties are at an all time monthly low.  To my chagrin, they (grudgingly) mentioned that the surge has worked and that this might be a result of that.  Of course, they rushed to assure us that the real reason for this was the Sadr City militia ceasefire and made sure to place “US TROOP CASUALTIES” in bold print on the bottom bar of the screen followed by, in lesser print “DEATHS NUMBERING 24 IN MAY”.  And, if this wasn’t enough, this frantic question by the anchor posed to the field reporter also helped to spread the seeds of doubt.

But there have been no definitive victories and the situation is changeable.

Of course, to top it all off, it was buried beneath a story about the Macedonian general elections, a story about post-Katrina FEMA trailers of no consequence, and a story charmingly entitled “Hezbollah hands remains of Israeli soldiers killed in the 2006 war to the Red Cross.

Emphasis was placed on the tearful reunion of a Hezbollah spy released by Israel after some (dramatically-repeated) six years in “captivity” at the Lebanese border with his family, and, in a ballad-esque style, Hezbollah was praised for returning the remains of one Israeli soldier to the Red Cross (or more likely, the Red Crescent) two years after the war ended.  No mention of the Israeli soldiers still held as prisoner by Hezbollah, or the remains of many soldiers that they still likely have, or whether or not the remains of the one soldier they actually returned are even legitimate or verified by the Red Cross (which is known for its tight relationship with Hezbollah during the 2006 war.)  I don’t even feel the need to see which channel “al-Jazeera America” is on…I’ve already found it.


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