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Obama, the Fashionista

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It appears that Barack Obama has inspired some rather ugly Versace runway fashions in Milan.  And if that didn’t make me regret my recent Versace sunglass purchase enough, then Donatella’s fawning over Obama will.  The Independent enthusiastically goes on to say:

But designers are hoping the stylish couple win in November and that the rather middle-aged style of the Bush White House is consigned to history. Laura Bush likes the well-coiffed matronly look while her husband is happiest as an urban cowboy. 

Nevermind the fact that the legendary Oscar de la Renta has been the fashion designer of First Lady Laura Bush, the infallible minds at the Independent sniff that it’s “matronly.” 

The Independent continues to run roughshod over facts:

But for many of Chicago’s most prominent women, including Oprah Winfrey, the clothes designer of choice is Maria Pinto, a 51-year-old Chicago native, whose streamlined designs for Mrs Obama have created a buzz on the campaign trail. A virtual unknown just 16 months ago her designs are now in great demand. 

Her clothes really capture the strength and grace of women,” Mrs Obama says of Ms Pinto’s designs.

Just four years ago she was bankrupt, thanks to embezzlement by one of her staff and a fragile US economy. She relaunched her company in 2004.

Really?  I didn’t know that there was “a fragile US economy” in 2004.    

The New York Times became mentally unhinged when they found out that Cindy McCain went into one of de la Renta’s boutiques and didn’t buy anything. 

So why didn’t she buy? Is she waiting for a discount? Or, heaven forbid, an endorsement? 

My favorite line:

We’re still waiting for him to come out with a lady-sized “I’m With Stupid” t-shirt for those long nights on Air Force One. 

In case there were any questions as to where their loyalties lie.  

Even Yahoo is getting in on the fun:

French model Mounia, one of the first black supermodels, in Paris on June 11. The USA may be preparing to vote in an election with the first black presidential candidate in history but the fashion world descending on Paris for this week’s couture-show summit is set to be a “white-out” on the catwalks 

What place does this have in a photo album about new (still ugly) Men’s Fashions in Paris?  

French designer Yves Saint-Laurent (centre), seen here in Paris in January 2002, was at the forefront of putting black models on catwalks. The USA may be preparing to vote in an election with the first black presidential candidate in history but the fashion world descending on Paris for this week’s couture-show summit is set to be a “white-out” on the catwalks 

Only the AFP would have the gall to use the death of Yves Saint-Laurent to further their support of Obama.

File photo shows models in outfits by Senegalese designers inParis during a fashion show called “Black is Beautiful”. The USA may be preparing to vote in an election with the first black presidential candidate in history but the fashion world descending on Paris for this week’s couture-show summit is set to be a “white-out” on the catwalks 

This doesn’t even make any sense.  There is a “Black is Beautiful” fashion show in Paris, but a “white-out” on the catwalks?  And, of course, once again, the foam finger comes up for Obama.





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As if “animal rights” activists PETA couldn’t get any more ridiculous, they find a way to do so.

The most egregious part of the article?  The PETA spokesman’s response:

Alistair Currie, a spokesman for Peta, said: “Jessica Simpson might have a right to wear what she wants, but she doesn’t have a right to eat what she wants – eating meat is about suffering and death. Some people feel like they are standing up against a tide of political correctness when they make a statement like this – what she is really doing is standing up for the status quo.” 

Marx couldn’t have said it better himself.

The Kiss of…Mayonnaise?

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We’ve heard this schtick 1000 times before.  Company runs racy ad, people are surprised/offended, the media has a field day, and the sales of that company’s product increase.  The shock value has withered away.  The most shocking thing I found out about this?  

The ad, which was on the air for a week, could not be shown during children’s programs under rules restricting the advertising of foods with high levels of fat, sugar or salt. 

Are you kidding me?  You can’t run a mayonnaise ad during kid’s programs?  Methinks our friends across the pond have waded into the loony realm.

District of Columbia v. Heller

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The Supreme Court does not epically fail!  Thank goodness…I was getting tired of having to use that phrase in conjunction with the High Court.  They finally learned how to operate in the realm of common sense. What possible reason could there have been for a DC gun ban for 32 years? The Constitution was ratified years before DC was ever built, so any argument that DC should be gun-free because it’s the head of our government, a secular Vatican City if you will, is null and void. The security there is already unimaginably tight. I remember helicopters flying over the Lincoln Monument area through the National Mall that could detect any sort of weapon on the ground below. One more question.  How does the Fourteenth Amendment apply?  DC is a federal jurisdiction.  It will be interesting to see how this fleshes out.  My only concern now? Cynthia McKinney, armed.


Totally Unrelated P.P.S.:  Doesn’t Cynthia McKinney look like an evil version of Vanessa (Tempestt Bledsoe) from the Cosby Show?


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I knew that this day would come, one way or another, and I find it surreal that it’s actually here.  George Carlin forms an essential part of who I am today. There never has and never will be anyone as brilliant as he.  He touched so many lives, and remained innovative until the moment The Man Upstairs called him home.  I certainly hope that he got his two minute warning, and gave the the greatest speech of his life, including those seven integral words, “Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, and Tits!”

McCain on Energy in Fresno

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I was fortunate enough today to attend Sen. McCain’s town hall speech at Fresno State University (my head pointed out by the arrow above.)

I asked two questions of the Senator:

“Besides ‘securing the borders,’ what lessons did you learn from comprehensive immigration reform?”
“Would you consider Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a Vice-Presidential candidate?”
It’s at the beginning of Town hall, Part Five.  They cut out when I asked the questions, but his answer to me is included.

CBS News Pooh-Poohs $200 Burger for Charity

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When this story first came out a little less than 24 hours ago, the reporting about it was much cheerier.

Just look at the title: “Decadent or Despicable?”  Both choices sound so evil and bourgeoisie. 

Of course, the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric can’t be bothered to be Today-Show-style uplifting.  

To food crisis campaigners trying to draw attention to the millions of poor around the world, who are struggling to survive at a time of shortages and rising prices for basic commodities, this is the wrong burger, and the wrong message, at the wrong time. 

“To come out with this kind of hugely expensive and over-the-top burger and to have 80 million people going to bed hungry every night is just to shoot yourself in the foot,” Tucker said.

Look at how Fox News and CBS differ when reporting the charity aspect of the burger:

Fox News:  

All the proceeds from The Burger sales will go to the Help A London Child charity, which assists young people experiencing abuse, homelessness, disability, poverty and illness.

CBS News:

The chain, which is donating the proceeds from this promotion to charity, calls it “deliciously decadent.” Delicious is a matter of taste. 

Nobody’s arguing with decadent.

Considerably different, no?

Methinks Katie must be on a new diet.