Bulletproof Diction’s McCain Announcement

So it’s very likely that McCain will be auditioning VP nominees at his thinly-veiled Memorial Day BBQ this weekend.  However, there was one person not on the guest list…Hillary Clinton.

Why Hillary? I can give you five reasons why Hillary would be a good VP choice for McCain.
1)  They get along well together.  
2)  Hillary has undoubtedly done the most damage by far to Barack Obama.
3)  Hillary’s coalition of lower-income white voters and Hispanic voters could bring the GOP a much-needed boost come November.   It would be refreshing to have lower-income white voters, especially female, dissolve an important part of the old 1932/New Deal Coalition.  McCain would no longer have to pander to Hispanic voters with “comprehensive immigration reform.”  Hillary could be the deciding factor in some historically Democratic states and could bring a good chunk of electoral votes.
4)  Hillary has shown a tenacity to fight for what she believes in, especially childrens’ causes, that is unheard of in politics.
5)  Hillary is strong on our most pressing current issue: national defense.  She won’t start yukking it up with Iran.
–Bulletproof Diction 

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