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Bulletproof Diction Investigates: Sharon Stone and the Dalai Lama

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I never thought that I would write the names “Sharon Stone” and “Dalai Lama” in the same sentence unless I was under some sort of heavy medication.  Alas, here I am, sans anesthesia,  wondering about the relationship between the two.  Since when did the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people have time to fraternize with crotch-flashing Hollywood bimbos?  

About Ms. Stone’s comments, they are, once again, naive and irresponsible.  Beijing has nothing to do with the poor people in the surrounding areas of Chengdu.  Although Stone’s assertion about “being of service, even to people who aren’t nice to you” is correct, this example is poor.

Bulletproof Diction’s McCain Announcement

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So it’s very likely that McCain will be auditioning VP nominees at his thinly-veiled Memorial Day BBQ this weekend.  However, there was one person not on the guest list…Hillary Clinton.

Why Hillary? I can give you five reasons why Hillary would be a good VP choice for McCain.
1)  They get along well together.  
2)  Hillary has undoubtedly done the most damage by far to Barack Obama.
3)  Hillary’s coalition of lower-income white voters and Hispanic voters could bring the GOP a much-needed boost come November.   It would be refreshing to have lower-income white voters, especially female, dissolve an important part of the old 1932/New Deal Coalition.  McCain would no longer have to pander to Hispanic voters with “comprehensive immigration reform.”  Hillary could be the deciding factor in some historically Democratic states and could bring a good chunk of electoral votes.
4)  Hillary has shown a tenacity to fight for what she believes in, especially childrens’ causes, that is unheard of in politics.
5)  Hillary is strong on our most pressing current issue: national defense.  She won’t start yukking it up with Iran.
–Bulletproof Diction 

The Daily Blurt

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“…I put a sawed-off shotgun to your head.  Then I put a .22 caliber to your head.  One is tiny, but both are dangerous.”

–Michael Steele, in refutation to Sen. Obama’s comments that Iran isn’t a threat to the US because its defense spending is much smaller compared to that in the United States, Hannity + Colmes, Fox News


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This is one of the most angering, disturbing videos that I have seen.  53 years after Rosa Parks, the fact that an elderly African-American woman is harassed by a young African-American woman on a train is stunning.  I certainly hope that this elderly lady receives a swift and meaningful apology and compensation for being a victim of such horror.

Bulletproof Diction: Breaking News

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“Should we have taxpayer-funded health insurance for illegal immigrants?”

On the Fox News Channel, Hannity + Colmes, political analyst Dick Morris has stated that the single most important issue this election will be healthcare for illegal immigrants.  He went on to say that Senator Obama’s statistics about Americans without health insurance included between 10-12 million illegal immigrants.  By questioning Obama on this issue, Dick Morris has stated that this could be the only way for Senator McCain to win the election.  


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The situation in Burma is dire.  They are faced with 22,000+ deaths and homeless numbering in the 100,000s.  This is comforting, and a step in the right direction.  The $250k to begin with seemed a little small, but we must make sure that every penny goes to the people who deserve it and fast.  By helping countries around the world in times of crisis, America continues to be a beacon of hope for the downtrodden, oppressed, and injured.  It’s times like this that I am truly happy to be an American.

However, this being said, I certainly hope that the people of Burma will one day know what it is like to live in a country where freedom and democracy are valued and cherished.  These poor people have lived under such oppressive rule for so long, and now is as good of a time as any to “secure the blessings of liberty” for the citizens of Burma.  The Aung San Suu Kyi factor certainly plays a role in this, considering that she is the true democratic leader of the country.  Juntas and regimes can only last until there is a crisis (especially natural) that threatens to destabilize their power.  The time is now for a free, democratic Burma.   

The Daily Blurt

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“He’s always had a crush on me.”

–Hillary Clinton, in reference to Rush Limbaugh

Via Hot Air headlines.

Also, this is our 50th post! *confetti/booze/fiesta*