Obama: Archuleta

From the Trailhead over at Slate:

Barack Obama: David Archuleta

Archuleta is that baby-faced wunderkind that Idol has always been waiting for. He’s young yet poised beyond his years. His rendition of “Imagine” elevated Lennon’s words beyond the ‘60s and transcended the generation gap. His performance of “The Long and Winding Road” echoes Obama’s patience with Clinton’s sentry position in the battle for the nomination. Archuleta attracts a rabid, delirious group of screaming fans called the “Arch Angels” that vote without fail for the cherubic contender. Obama’s rabid, delirious fans are simply called “idealists.”

Archuleta, just like Obama, is presumed to be the front-runner—but he still has to knock off the remaining contenders first. Naturally gifted, uncharacteristic gaffes—like Archuleta’s brain fart during “We Can Work It Out” or Obama’s Rev. Wright imbroglio—are the only things that stand in both contenders’ ways of reaching the finals.


During Tutorial today I asked my group if they watched ‘Idol’ last night.
“Oh I love David!” one of the younger students said.
“Which one? David Cook or David Archuleta?”
“Umm, I don’t know.”
“The young one?”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love him. He’s soooooo good.”
So I guess the comparison between Obama and Archuleta is pretty apt.

That being said. David Cook was simply awful last night, and every bit as pompous as Simon said. But I still like him better than Archuleta. Last night in general just kind of played flat for me. Inspirational songs? Whatever. I am really waiting for them to do a night out of the Great American Song book. Also, I really think that this season is going to go to one of the older contestants. Sure, Archuleta will probably be in the top three, but next to David Cook and Micheal John.
My personal picks for the bottom three (not necessarily a reflection of who I think actually will be on the bottom):
1) David Cook: Dude, definitely your worst performance. Love the hair, but stop changing it every week. The jacket was so-so. Who do you think you are, Julian Casablancas? The vocal was hoarse and diluted. That being said. You shouldn’t leave yet, and if you bring back the intense style and vocals of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and ‘Billy Jean’, you have a strong chance of winning.
2) Kristy Lee Cook: You’re just so vanilla. Hated the white pants (the bottoms to David Cook’s jacket perhaps?), loved the top. The vocals were fine. ‘Anyway’ is kind of a whiny song though.
3) Syesha Mercado: You would have done better with Stevie Wonder’s ‘I believe.’

I’ll be back later tonight to talk about the Candidates appearances on tonight’s show (Idol Gives Back!)


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