John McCain’s latest web ad is up (a part of the Service to America tour). It’s part of a longer narrative re-introducing McCain to the American public. The ad is one in a series, ending with “For John Sidney McCain, the honor code taught by his parents (as seen in the previous web sad “Character Forged by Family”) and reinforced by Mr. Ravenal in high school was just the beginning.” It’s a very personal ad, but it’s design savvy too (although I really hate the font–too power point.)
This ad is about one of John McCain’s heroes, his high school teacher. Although the ad briefly mentions that John McCain finds teaching one of the most honorable professions, Mr. Ravenel is McCain’s hero because he taught him the honor code. Again, like the “624787” ad (which ends with “The American President Americans have been waiting for), this ad vaguely pokes at Obamamania at the beginning, “Our heroes help tell the story of America. We know them well. they’ve been inventors, athletes, rock stars, and presidents.”–at this point, in an Obama ad you would almost be expecting for the Candidate to come on stage as the hero, but John McCain is different. (UPDATE: Even his supporters think so. One YouTube comment said “Our Hero is Obama and he is right in front of us.”
Oh, and this is a bit peevish of me, but using John McCain’s full name (John Sidney McCain) allows them to introduce his gender neutral middle name. But I don’t think middle names are going to be a big deal this election. Really.

UPDATE II: This came to me late during class, but the ad also implicitly compares McCain’s hero and role model to Obama’s hero and role model.


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