Personal Ads

Our first contestant:

SALAM ALAIKUM,….. hi…i am sincerely seeking a real, honest, loving,relationship/marriage with a good honest strong intelligent loving man, who is muslim & wanting to live in the middle east!…i am honest loving faithful down to earth fun loving affectionate loving young at heart mature responsible compassionate & feminine female who is muslim…i have traveled all over the world to 16 countries & lived extenseively in the middle east & love it!!!…i am an artist photographer illustrator….i am understanding of ISLAM & its culture…for the right man i am open & understanding to the possibility of being your first, second, third, or fourth wife! i love children & have many interests, i do not smoke, i do not drink…i enjoy cooking & cleaning & know what it means to be a good wife!…please only sincere & honest reply with information & photo….i do speak some arabic…have a great day,& hope to hear from you soon, insha ALLAH. 

Our Second Contestant:

I recently was in Dubai, now in the States but coming again in May to relocate. I am looking for a Saudi or Emirati man for a serious relationship that could lead into marriage in the future.
Please not interested in other nationalities except for Arabs (Gulf pref)
About me,I am latin born in South America (Argentina) but with Spanish Italian and Lebanese family roots. Currently in the States (Florida), I am muslim, I speak some Arabic, I am sweeter than Baklawa, cute and sexy. I love to bellydance. go to the beach, travel, go shopping and shoes!
You can check out my pictures at
waiting for your reply! 

please dont reply if you are a control freak or you think i am too sexy/ wild for you to handle!
not interested to explore any other nationalities described above! thank

The second one doesn’t seem as open minded as the first. Nor does she seem to be the submissive type, plus, if you click to see her pictures you can see that she is a smoker. The first chick, however, is totally down with polygamy and won’t produce any harmful second-hand smoke for your children. Shall we have a poll? Which women would you send to any Arab country in the Middle East?


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