Points of Contention

POC #1: On Hannity and Colmes, Texas State Representative Stephen Frost (D) says that Republicans are injured by falling stock market prices, home foreclosures, etc. etc.
He says: After whining “it’s my turn to talk,” he goes on to insinuate that economic troubles hurt Republicans, both maliciously and enjoyably.
I say: I was sitting there, listening to this peevish squirt, amazed that a Democrat would be so flagrant in his hope for a troubled economy because of partisan reasons. The economy is not a partisan issue, it is an AMERICAN issue. If the economy is bad, everyone is hurt. Democrats have the audacity to repeat and insinuate that the economy is in bad shape so that they can help their own political cause. They seek to benefit from a falling stock market. They seek to benefit from foreclosures. They seek to benefit from a weakened America.

POC #2: Also on Hannity and Colmes, opposite Frost, is former VA Senator George Allen (R).
He says: Well…he begins just about every quote with the name “McCain.” He talks about what McCain’s positions are, what McCain feels, what McCain believes, and so on.
I say: It looks like someone is looking for a position in a McCain cabinet. I think that McCain press secretary would suit you well, since you seem to know the Dao of McCain. Is he writing a biography on McCain? No. Why does he find it necessary to parrot McCain’s beliefs when McCain did a 1-hour interview with Sean Hannity last week? Now, I am a fan of George Allen. I think he is a staunch conservative, and I regret that he is not currently one of Virginia’s senators. But can we tone it down a little, please?

POC #3: Merck once again has a drug on the market, Singulair, that may be linked to severe, unintended physiological symptoms. More specifically, suicide. George Phillip, Merck’s director of research and product development, was asked to comment on the issue.
He says: “We have no indication that anything about the mechanism of Singulair is consistent with these events. But because suicide is a life-threatening event we thought it was important to provide this information in the product label.”
I say: Has George Phillip been advised by one of Hillary’s state-the-obvious-under-all-costs media directors?


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