Points of Contention

Have you ever heard something that makes your ears prick up? Your blood pressure increase? Your fists clench? Your teeth gnash? From time to time, I find myself in this situation, which is why I wanted to start a new series, Points of Contention. To borrow a phrase from the comedic genius George Carlin, this is “Free-Floating Hostility.”

POC #1: Obama embroiled in “pastor disaster” (phrase a la Kinky Friedman)
Obama says: “We can’t afford to be distracted [by this controversy].”
I say: you can’t afford to be questioned about this controversy!

POC #2: Bob Beckel, Democratic strategist and antagonist of my blood pressure, makes an inane logical chicane of the Obama controversy steeped in good ‘ol moral relativity.
Bob asks Sean Hannity: So the children who are attending Rev. Wright’s church can’t become President?
I say: If Bob tried to stretch this any farther, he would pull a hammie. For the 839,233rd time, Rev. Wright IS NOT just Obama’s pastor! Obama refers to him as his “spiritual advisor” and “uncle”! He has had a 20-year relationship with this racist monster. ‘Nuff said.

POC #3: Hillary is being interviewed by her close friend Greta Van Susteren. It looks like a monkey is operating the camera. I think I’m going to be ill. But that isn’t the point. Hillary is in “nice lady” mode. Her voice has been ratcheted back from “piercing screech” to “conversational calm.”
Hillary says: “This is a really close election!” *mild cackle*
I say: This is a really lousy statement. She has become the Captain Obvious of the interview, answering every question with the same lame qualifying statements. This one really sunk into my craw. Who was the advisor who told her that it would make her look more human if she treated us like we were too stupid to comprehend facts instead of Obama-esque platitudes? They deserve to be refused admission to Hillaryland.


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