Pants on Fire

This presidential race has gotten to the point where honesty is the best policy. It’s about time. All three of these candidates have absolutely failed to be honest. No matter how optimistic we want to be that these candidates have embraced change: they have not. The McCain “Straight Talk Express” has been derailed by his lies on abortion, special interests, and taxes. Obama has, as we have seen this past week, spun like a top over the Rev. Wright fiasco and has many questions to answer about his Nation of Islam ties. The Clinton Machine, not known for honesty in the past, is now embroiled in the outright lie over Bosnia (“for the first time in twelve or so years I misspoke.” o rly?). I just cannot bring myself to support any candidate who can lie so offensively and flagrantly. We have seen presidents brought to their knees (Nixon and Clinton come to mind) over their lack of integrity. Is this something that this country wants to go through again, in a time of war? I have found it difficult to personally forgive these people. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Bibilographical Citations:

McCain links via Ann Coulter’s “Quotations from Chairman Ann” from Jan. 14, 2008: (
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Obama (Nation of Islam) information from Debbie Schlussel:


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