Spitzer + A Week’s Time = Paterson + McGreevey Redux

Well folks, here we are, once again, with not one, but two gubernatorial sex scandals. Thank goodness…I was starting to get bored.

No. 1: McGreevey + Aide + Wife = An Orgy of Disgusting

I don’t even want to link to this nasty-ness. Go and find it yourself, pervs.

No. 2: Freshly-sworn-in (and by freshly, I mean a matter of hours ago) Governor of NY, David Paterson, “comes clean” and admits to an extramartial affair.

Except, instead of waiting for La Sexa Obsessed-a Media to discover it, he actually gets there first. Next thing you know, politicians will be admitting to illicit sex they may or may not have in the future.

Guess I shouldn’t have wished upon that fountain-tossed penny for politicians to become more honest.

P.S. Who was the pioneer of this movement of gubernathorniness? None other than Mr. Hillary Clinton a.k.a. Future First Gentleman of the United States.


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