Liveblogging MSNBC Democratic Debate

I will be liveblogging the MSNBC Democratic Debate. This is the last debate before what’s being called Super Tuesday #2 (OH, RI, TX, VT). To just give a little bit of background, tonight might be Hillary’s Last (One-Night) Stand.

Taped footage…a nice touch.

calls mailers about NAFTA and healthcare “very disturbing”
thinks she needs to “Stand up for herself”
universal healthcare: “It’s something I believe in with all my heart.”
“My plan will cover everyone and it will be affordable.”
“We should have a good debate that uses accurate information.”
Does not “condone” photo of Obama in Somali garb

on photo: “I think that’s something we can set aside”
has seen “repeated negative mail” sent out by Clinton camp
Hillary’s healthcare plan “leaves 20% of the uninsured out”
negative mailers, etc. “is the nature of these campaigns”

…aaaaand that’s how far I got before healthcare spiraled into a boring and irrelevant back-and-forth. I couldn’t take all the agreement without distinctions, so I went and ate dinner and got on with my life. I ended up listening to the debate in its entirety, and didn’t see any horribly important new things that were brought up outside of a few amusing moments which will likely be played ad nauseam over the next 24 hours. Here at Bulletproof Diction, our daily blurt from the last debate was splattered all over the news for obvious reasons, until the point where it lost all of its wittiness and became, well, annoying. You can only vivisect something so many times, and, as Hillary’s husband will tell you, “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”

All this having been said, if you really really really want to see how liveblogging should be done, go none other to the “boss” herself, Michelle Malkin, who has the full rundown.

My verdict for this debate: it’s a draw. A few mini-pwns back and forth, nothing too earthshattering. Hillary goes back at Russert and Williams, Obama agrees with Hillary on practically everything, video clips are oddly and poorly placed, Obama tries to look tougher on national security but fails, Hillary tries to recharacterize past decisions, yada yada yada. This isn’t their first rodeo, although it’s about time they hitch up their britches and get the show on the road.


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