Liveblogging CNN Democratic Debate Part IV

Not much change overall.

Question: Earmarks

Obama: $91 million in earmarks!

Obama’s response: “I believe very strongly in transparency.”
“Creation of Google for government” w/ Sen. Coburn
(Halliburton namedrop!)
“I have actively pursued projects I think are important.”

Clinton: $342 million in earmarks!!

Clinton’s response: “he supported the wasteful tax cuts of the Bush administration and the Iraq War”
“Darn that Bush” Crazy eights!
“We borrow money from the Chinese to buy oil from the Saudis”
(Hillary…aren’t you snuggled close to the Chinese?)
“We need to look at where the money is gone under Bush”
We were doing so well…until that darned Bush!
“Darn that Bush!” x 10000000

New Question: Pelosi on Superdelegates (closeted)

Clinton: “I’m not worried about that.”
We will win in 2008…

Obama: I hope that…”these primaries and caucuses count for something.”
Democratic party can “summon a sense of common purpose and higher purpose”

FINAL Question! (finally!) Moment of Crisis?
What moment tested you the most?

Obama: “There were rocky periods during my youth.”
“Learning to take responsibility for my own actions”
I worked on the streets of Chicago (how about you Hillary…Saul Alinsky rind a bell?)
Civil rights atty
“American people need a government that is worthy of their decency and their generosity.”

refers to Clinton’s affairs
“I just have to shake my head in wonderment”
compares her life to lives of common people
Intrepid Medical Facility in San Antonio opening w/ McCain
Hillary getting choked up over facility
“the hits I’ve taken in life do not compare to the things going on in the lives of people across our country”
“I was called by my faith and my upbringing”
“That’s what gets me up in the morning, that’s what motivates me”
“I am honored to be here with Barack Obama” (upper hand)
“Whatever happens, we’re going to be fine”
“I just hope we will be able to say the same thing about the American people”


Obama helps Clinton out of chair
Chelsea rushes onto stage

The verdict: Hillary wins! She outfoxed the fox.


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