Liveblogging CNN Democratic Debate Part III

Current Verdict as of now: Pwnage abound, with Clinton being cut-off and not able to rebut. So far, Obama has been behind in pwnage tally, with Hillary getting a few more swipes in than him over the Deval Patrick fiasco. Obama keeps trying to drag her closer to him ideologically while keeping her at arm’s distance. Hmmmm…

Question: Commander-in-Chief

Clinton: returns to healthcare against wishes of BOTH interviewers
hidden tax for non-full coverage of healthcare
Edwards namedrop
“You will be nibbled to death!” (evil hamsters!)

Obama’s healthcare response: substantive differences

Clinton: let’s respond again!
mother who is desperate for healthcare for child
“Senator Obama’s plan has a mandate on parents”
UNIVERSAL healthcare system

Obama: respond 2: electric boogaloo
that mother WOULD be covered

Clinton: “we disagree on that”


Clinton: represented country for 15 + years in 80 countries
Kosovo namedrop
women’s right’s namedrop (what about Iran/Saudi Arabia?)
Senate committees namedrop
Pakistan elections/change in Cuban leadership/Kosovo independence/Serbian embassy fire
urgent situations…
“I’ve supported the independence of Kosovo”
have Serbian gov’t protect US embassy under international law
“Darn that Bush” Six for Pickup Sticks!

“I wouldn’t be running if I thought I couldn’t be Commander-in-chief”
military rotations/training
(condemns current commander-in-chief)
“I think Senator Clinton was wrong in her judgment” on Iraq (pwn!)
Iraq has diverted attention from Afghanistan/al-Qaeda/ice cream trucks/whatever
Taliban: tolly-bahn!
“fan the flames of anti-American sentiment”
Pakistan: pokh-istawn “put all our eggs in Musharraf basket” was a mistake

New Question: Surge

“Willing suspension of disbelief” (FINALLY it’s mentioned!)

Clinton: political improvementwas the original part of the surge
security improvement has occurred
“losses of wife and billions of dollars”
“I could begin withdrawing our troops in 60 days”
Darn that Bush! Seventh heaven
“It is up to the Iraqis to decide the kind of future they have.”

“I think it’s indisputable we’ve seen violence reduced in Iraq.”
(all of a sudden, al-Qaeda is in Baghdad)
“this is a tactical victory imposed on a strategic blunder”
$2.7 billion in foreign aid to Latin America
(China in Latin America?)
Iran benefits from Iraq invasion (whaaaaaaaaa?)
(ahhh…the McCain 100 years chestnut)

End of Part Three…


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