Liveblogging CNN Democratic Debate Part II

My evaluation of Part One: has been a relatively weak debate so far, a few bright spots here and there with collective sprints to cover them up afterwards, hard to say who is in the lead, but Clinton seemed ahead for awhile.

“My opponent gives speeches, I offer solutions” = “Where’s the beef?” = “All hat and no cattle!”

Clinton: “I think out next president has to be a lot less hat and alot more cattle.”
Obama and I have alot in common
Vigorous/positive/civil primary campaign
“I do offer solutions, that’s what I believe in and that’s what I have done.”
childrens healthcare, registering voters, 35 years
(She brought up the accomplishment interview w/ Obama supporter…pwn3d…)

I’ve passed the toughest ethics reform legislation since Watergate
Walter Reed mention #2!
(Clinton breaks out notepad)
Endorsement by every major newspaper in the state of Texas…
(have they been duped?)
Romneyesque mention of Washington
It all comes down to inspiration! *start music*
Supports people of his campaign…(reverse pwn?)

New Question: Plagiarismgate!

Deval is co-chair of my campaign (pwn!)
he “gave me the line” and “suggested I use it”
“This is where we start getting into silly season in politics.”

“What I’ve been talking about is not just hope and not just inspiration but a $4000 tuition credit in exchange for national service”
(please explain, Senator. of course I’ll wait…)

Teardowns vs Liftups

“If this candidacy is going to be about words, it should be your own words.”
“Change we can believe in, not change we can xerox”
This unites the country!
she addresses him as Barack


Places Obama below Bush on foreclosures
“The world will breathe a sigh of relief when [George Bush] is gone.”

Universal Healthcare vs Special Interest MANIA

“I see the results of leaving people out”
“I’m tired of seeing healthcare companies decide whether people should live or die in America!”

Let’s get back to the issues blah blah blah
“95% of our plans are similar”
we want equal healthcare for Americans that congressmen have…(new point!)
Philosophical Difference:
Clinton-force everyone to purchase healthcare
Obama-emphasize reducing cost (namedrop Clinton’s Secretary of Labor)

‘I admire the fact that Senator Clinton TRIED to bring healthcare…in 1993″
allusion to Clinton being “behind closed doors” with healthcare

This concludes Part Two


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