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A Salute To William F. Buckley

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We here at Bulletproof Diction are sad that, today, William F. Buckley Jr. has passed away at the age of 82. The man who is the Father of Modern American Conservatism, the founder of National Review, the host of the TV show Firing Line, and a scholar and gentleman in every sense of the word, will be sorely missed. The official National Review tribute symposium can be found here.


Liveblogging MSNBC Democratic Debate

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I will be liveblogging the MSNBC Democratic Debate. This is the last debate before what’s being called Super Tuesday #2 (OH, RI, TX, VT). To just give a little bit of background, tonight might be Hillary’s Last (One-Night) Stand.

Taped footage…a nice touch.

calls mailers about NAFTA and healthcare “very disturbing”
thinks she needs to “Stand up for herself”
universal healthcare: “It’s something I believe in with all my heart.”
“My plan will cover everyone and it will be affordable.”
“We should have a good debate that uses accurate information.”
Does not “condone” photo of Obama in Somali garb

on photo: “I think that’s something we can set aside”
has seen “repeated negative mail” sent out by Clinton camp
Hillary’s healthcare plan “leaves 20% of the uninsured out”
negative mailers, etc. “is the nature of these campaigns”

…aaaaand that’s how far I got before healthcare spiraled into a boring and irrelevant back-and-forth. I couldn’t take all the agreement without distinctions, so I went and ate dinner and got on with my life. I ended up listening to the debate in its entirety, and didn’t see any horribly important new things that were brought up outside of a few amusing moments which will likely be played ad nauseam over the next 24 hours. Here at Bulletproof Diction, our daily blurt from the last debate was splattered all over the news for obvious reasons, until the point where it lost all of its wittiness and became, well, annoying. You can only vivisect something so many times, and, as Hillary’s husband will tell you, “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”

All this having been said, if you really really really want to see how liveblogging should be done, go none other to the “boss” herself, Michelle Malkin, who has the full rundown.

My verdict for this debate: it’s a draw. A few mini-pwns back and forth, nothing too earthshattering. Hillary goes back at Russert and Williams, Obama agrees with Hillary on practically everything, video clips are oddly and poorly placed, Obama tries to look tougher on national security but fails, Hillary tries to recharacterize past decisions, yada yada yada. This isn’t their first rodeo, although it’s about time they hitch up their britches and get the show on the road.

The Daily Blurt Special Edition: Quote of the Debate

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“It’s not Change That You Can Believe In, it’s Change You Can Xerox.”

–Senator Hillary Clinton on Obama’s plagiarism in the CNN debate

Liveblogging CNN Democratic Debate Part IV

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Not much change overall.

Question: Earmarks

Obama: $91 million in earmarks!

Obama’s response: “I believe very strongly in transparency.”
“Creation of Google for government” w/ Sen. Coburn
(Halliburton namedrop!)
“I have actively pursued projects I think are important.”

Clinton: $342 million in earmarks!!

Clinton’s response: “he supported the wasteful tax cuts of the Bush administration and the Iraq War”
“Darn that Bush” Crazy eights!
“We borrow money from the Chinese to buy oil from the Saudis”
(Hillary…aren’t you snuggled close to the Chinese?)
“We need to look at where the money is gone under Bush”
We were doing so well…until that darned Bush!
“Darn that Bush!” x 10000000

New Question: Pelosi on Superdelegates (closeted)

Clinton: “I’m not worried about that.”
We will win in 2008…

Obama: I hope that…”these primaries and caucuses count for something.”
Democratic party can “summon a sense of common purpose and higher purpose”

FINAL Question! (finally!) Moment of Crisis?
What moment tested you the most?

Obama: “There were rocky periods during my youth.”
“Learning to take responsibility for my own actions”
I worked on the streets of Chicago (how about you Hillary…Saul Alinsky rind a bell?)
Civil rights atty
“American people need a government that is worthy of their decency and their generosity.”

refers to Clinton’s affairs
“I just have to shake my head in wonderment”
compares her life to lives of common people
Intrepid Medical Facility in San Antonio opening w/ McCain
Hillary getting choked up over facility
“the hits I’ve taken in life do not compare to the things going on in the lives of people across our country”
“I was called by my faith and my upbringing”
“That’s what gets me up in the morning, that’s what motivates me”
“I am honored to be here with Barack Obama” (upper hand)
“Whatever happens, we’re going to be fine”
“I just hope we will be able to say the same thing about the American people”


Obama helps Clinton out of chair
Chelsea rushes onto stage

The verdict: Hillary wins! She outfoxed the fox.

Liveblogging CNN Democratic Debate Part III

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Current Verdict as of now: Pwnage abound, with Clinton being cut-off and not able to rebut. So far, Obama has been behind in pwnage tally, with Hillary getting a few more swipes in than him over the Deval Patrick fiasco. Obama keeps trying to drag her closer to him ideologically while keeping her at arm’s distance. Hmmmm…

Question: Commander-in-Chief

Clinton: returns to healthcare against wishes of BOTH interviewers
hidden tax for non-full coverage of healthcare
Edwards namedrop
“You will be nibbled to death!” (evil hamsters!)

Obama’s healthcare response: substantive differences

Clinton: let’s respond again!
mother who is desperate for healthcare for child
“Senator Obama’s plan has a mandate on parents”
UNIVERSAL healthcare system

Obama: respond 2: electric boogaloo
that mother WOULD be covered

Clinton: “we disagree on that”


Clinton: represented country for 15 + years in 80 countries
Kosovo namedrop
women’s right’s namedrop (what about Iran/Saudi Arabia?)
Senate committees namedrop
Pakistan elections/change in Cuban leadership/Kosovo independence/Serbian embassy fire
urgent situations…
“I’ve supported the independence of Kosovo”
have Serbian gov’t protect US embassy under international law
“Darn that Bush” Six for Pickup Sticks!

“I wouldn’t be running if I thought I couldn’t be Commander-in-chief”
military rotations/training
(condemns current commander-in-chief)
“I think Senator Clinton was wrong in her judgment” on Iraq (pwn!)
Iraq has diverted attention from Afghanistan/al-Qaeda/ice cream trucks/whatever
Taliban: tolly-bahn!
“fan the flames of anti-American sentiment”
Pakistan: pokh-istawn “put all our eggs in Musharraf basket” was a mistake

New Question: Surge

“Willing suspension of disbelief” (FINALLY it’s mentioned!)

Clinton: political improvementwas the original part of the surge
security improvement has occurred
“losses of wife and billions of dollars”
“I could begin withdrawing our troops in 60 days”
Darn that Bush! Seventh heaven
“It is up to the Iraqis to decide the kind of future they have.”

“I think it’s indisputable we’ve seen violence reduced in Iraq.”
(all of a sudden, al-Qaeda is in Baghdad)
“this is a tactical victory imposed on a strategic blunder”
$2.7 billion in foreign aid to Latin America
(China in Latin America?)
Iran benefits from Iraq invasion (whaaaaaaaaa?)
(ahhh…the McCain 100 years chestnut)

End of Part Three…

Liveblogging CNN Democratic Debate Part II

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My evaluation of Part One: has been a relatively weak debate so far, a few bright spots here and there with collective sprints to cover them up afterwards, hard to say who is in the lead, but Clinton seemed ahead for awhile.

“My opponent gives speeches, I offer solutions” = “Where’s the beef?” = “All hat and no cattle!”

Clinton: “I think out next president has to be a lot less hat and alot more cattle.”
Obama and I have alot in common
Vigorous/positive/civil primary campaign
“I do offer solutions, that’s what I believe in and that’s what I have done.”
childrens healthcare, registering voters, 35 years
(She brought up the accomplishment interview w/ Obama supporter…pwn3d…)

I’ve passed the toughest ethics reform legislation since Watergate
Walter Reed mention #2!
(Clinton breaks out notepad)
Endorsement by every major newspaper in the state of Texas…
(have they been duped?)
Romneyesque mention of Washington
It all comes down to inspiration! *start music*
Supports people of his campaign…(reverse pwn?)

New Question: Plagiarismgate!

Deval is co-chair of my campaign (pwn!)
he “gave me the line” and “suggested I use it”
“This is where we start getting into silly season in politics.”

“What I’ve been talking about is not just hope and not just inspiration but a $4000 tuition credit in exchange for national service”
(please explain, Senator. of course I’ll wait…)

Teardowns vs Liftups

“If this candidacy is going to be about words, it should be your own words.”
“Change we can believe in, not change we can xerox”
This unites the country!
she addresses him as Barack


Places Obama below Bush on foreclosures
“The world will breathe a sigh of relief when [George Bush] is gone.”

Universal Healthcare vs Special Interest MANIA

“I see the results of leaving people out”
“I’m tired of seeing healthcare companies decide whether people should live or die in America!”

Let’s get back to the issues blah blah blah
“95% of our plans are similar”
we want equal healthcare for Americans that congressmen have…(new point!)
Philosophical Difference:
Clinton-force everyone to purchase healthcare
Obama-emphasize reducing cost (namedrop Clinton’s Secretary of Labor)

‘I admire the fact that Senator Clinton TRIED to bring healthcare…in 1993″
allusion to Clinton being “behind closed doors” with healthcare

This concludes Part Two

Liveblogging CNN Democratic Debate Part I

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I will be liveblogging the CNN Democratic Debate. Hilarity will ensue.

5:01: Look at Hillary’s outfit. St. John’s perhaps…appx. $2000. Cleavage…scary…but better than the usual bellboy pantsuits.

5:04: “real conversation”…yeah right, Campbell Brown.

Hillary intro:

5:05: “registering voters in South Texas?” Hillary’s secret Texan past…

5:06: Ann Richards mention #1 a la Hillary…time to take a shot!

5:07: health insurance mention…”cross the party line”…military with health insurance mention…a new twist
discrimination against sick people…wow…

5:08: ahhh…the Walter Reed chestnut…
all at once…”Darn that Bush!”…and his dastardly subsidies
“your campaign”…gee I sure hope not…

Obama intro:

5:09: Obama taking the direct approach…
oh boy…let’s mention a “little people” anecdote…and again…and again…and again..

5:10: NAFTA…dun dun dunnnnnn!
here we go with the bracelet again…

5:11: generic statment about similarities and differences between Obama and Clinton…yawnnn…
RIP Good Ideas.
agenda “stranglehold” by lobbyists

5:12 “enlist” the American people…ooo…military term…”nutroot outrage ensues”

FINALLY…real questions…
How about we speak a little Spanish…”siesta?”

Raul Castro visit?

political prisoners release
press freedom
open economy

main idea: stipulations before potential visit…”evidence that change was happening”
“diplomatic encounters”

Obama (let’s speak for him, Campbell, shall we?):
“i would meet without preconditions”
repeat of Hillary’s points w/o open economy
“show of good faith”…let’s loosen some restrictions (guhhhreat!)

Campbell calls him on a flipflop…

“our policy has been a failure”

JFK quote-drop…same quote…again…”we should never negotiate out of fear but never fear to negotiate.”

Clinton: don’t offer initial request


“Darn that Bush!” Volume 2

“bipartisan diplomacy”

“Darn that Bush!” in 3D

*Dolores Huerta sitting next to Chelsea Clinton…faaaaaabulous*

Obama: one step difference between them…

New question: Economy
the R-word!


Obama: the mysterious “people” in “communities” strike again
people struggling for “decades” now…including Bill Jeff?
1. no tax breaks for outsourcing companies
2. no tax cuts for wealthy (blah blah blah)
3. trade deals, enviro/safety standards (the ‘ol lead paint chestnut)
4. green economy…
how do we generate billions by capping greenhouse gases…?

“working coalition for change”
let’s just pit some Americans against other Americans…phantom battles

Clinton…”you’re ready, he’s not!”
loopholes, giveaways, TX/OH jobs, “the wealthy and the well-connected have had a president for the past seven years” (Bill?)
“Trade Time-out”, “Trade Prosecutor”…whaaaaaa?
foreclosure “I’ve been saying this for nearly a year”
80k TX, 90k OH homes foreclosed…good stats
(namedropping phantom people again)

1. “Clean, Green Jobs” $5 bil…
2. Infrastructure (let’s exploit the bridge collapse and Big Dig deaths again)
3. “George Bush’s war on science” “innovation nation” (are you kidding me?)

New question: Immigration Raids?

Clinton: consider stopping raids except egregious situations
“babies being left with no-one to take care of them” (where?)

*side note: Obama looking repetitive and old in comparison to Hillary…never thought I’d say that*

“bring the immigrants out of the shadows”
learning English!
criminals must be deported
1st 100 days of presidency…

Obama: “political FOOTBALL” — CIR….
“tone down the rhetoric”
“we have seen hate crimes skyrocket” against Hispanic community (is he crazy?)
“people with Spanish surnames being discriminated against” (another HUH?)
“improve our relationship with Mexico”
“Darn that Bush!” four times the fun! (Iraq + immigration…?)

New Question: The Border Fence

Clinton voted for fence…surprising…
Clinton: “both Senator Obama and I voted for [fence]”
“Darn that Bush!” x5
GWB is dumb…yadayadayada
(passports are burdens?)
“I would listen to the people who live along the border”
*Let’s have Clinton actually answer the question*
Clinton vs. eminent domain?
“let’s deploy more technology and personnel”

*Not mentioned: NAFTA!*

Obama: this is an area where Senator Clinton and I almost agree
“my home state of Illinois” (jab at Clinton)
DREAM Act namedrop…
two classes…which means…

New Question: Bilingual US?

Clinton: English is a unifying, common language
(but she’s against official English language of US?)
“English does remain an important part of the American experience.”

“I also think that every student should be learning another language”
NCLB failure: foreign languages neglected (waaaaaaaaaaah!)

This concludes part one.